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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 14, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's a brand-new week. we've got brand-new videos. "right this minute." a british man is accused of a crime in china where angry mobs -- >> begin attacking this man. >> what police say the brit did that's creating outrage in the streets. >> i feel like beating this guy up. >> just a bunch of guys sitting around smoking, drinking, gambling. wait, those are buddhist monks. >> one word, scandalous. >> find out who the video has been forced into hiding. ♪ >> the new tenacious d video is going viral. and now the director shares the
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secret to great comedy. >> try to make each other laugh, really. >> see how jody hill and i did that back in our school days together. >> this is us in eighth grade. >> and hear what he revealed about me back then. >> oh! plus, half-naked young men chased after indiana jones. >> the best part is towards the end. >> see the poor dude who got a little droopy in the loin cloth. it's time to get our first show of the week started. steven has it. >> a video in china has caused an outrage mucge among the chin people. and in it, you see a 24-year-old british man in beijing on a tourist visa allegedly attempting to sexually assault a chinese girl in public. apparently he followed her from the train station, pushed her in this flower bed and attempted to sexually assault her. now, in this video, you see he is confronted and stopped by a
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group of chinese men. and this group who heard her crying for help begin attacking this man. >> oh, my god. >> oh, oh. i feel like beating this guy up. >> the video cuts and all you see is this british man lying in the discrestreet, his clothes i tatters. one of the men doesn't give up. goes up and punches him, tries stomping him. >> the guy doesn't seem to really be responding at all. >> you can see he is still moving. the 24-year-old british man was arrested. the beijing police did come out and say that the man was drunk during this incident. he was taken to the hospital, treated for his injuries from this, you know, beatdown. as you can imagine, tens of thousands of people in china are extremely, extremely upset about this, saying that the police need to make an example out of this foreigner and punish him severely. these people are irate, and
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they're worried that because this man simply has a tourist visa, that he'll be sent back to britain. they don't want that th. they want him to be punished in china. if you're found guilty of attempted rape in china, you could spend three to ten years in prison. if you're found guilty of rape in china, you could be sentenced to death. >> one word, scandalous. this is video tat was captured l in the video are a group of south korean monks. can you tell what they're doing? >> like maybe they're playing cards? >> playing poker. they're smoking and they're drinking. things they're not supposed to be doing. >> oh. >> i'm no monk expert, but i think those are no-nos in the monk korworld. >> especially the poker part because in korea gambling outside of licensed casinos or horse racing tracks is completely illegal.
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now, let's enter the religious side of it all, buddhism requires that its disciples follow a righteous life of discipline and meditation with complete detachment of the material world. >> but that stuff gets boring. a whole entire life of meditation? these guys got to cut loose every once in a while, have a smoke, a beer and throw down some cards. >> if that's what they wanted to do, then don't become a monk. this happened before one of the holiest days which is the birth of buddha. the identity of the person who released this video has not been released for his safety. >> the monks are going to put a hit out on this guy on top of everything else? >> the head of the order did accept their resignation. so they were identified. their identities were not released, but they did sign resignations. the stakes in this 13-hour gambling day led to winnings of about $870,000.
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>> wow! >> so these guys weren't exactly playing with beans here. >> where do monks get that kind of money? they've taken a vow of poverty. >> the path took a slight turn for this one. what you're looking at is video from a theft. you see this guy? he's getting out of a car. there's a passenger in the car, but this guy gets out with some bolt cutters. and they are going to take something. an ac unit. >> what? >> so he gets out with bolt cutters. and then he comes out with an ax. >> when a guy gets out with a pair of bolt cutters and an ax, something bad's about to happen. >> so this guy is stealing one of those large air-conditioning units. >> you'll see how big it is. look where he's going to try to put it. for some reason, he's trying to put it in the back seat of the car. >> and he's doing it at quarter to 6:00 in the morning in daylight with lots of traffic going back and forth. >> it is not dark yet. >> look at the back of it. it's still leaking whatever that
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is, free yon. >> finally, he realizes it isn't going to fit. he gets assistance. >> from who? >> the passenger in the car. i want you to notice something specific about her. she is expecting a baby. >> that makes all the sense in the world. no wonder. he's probably got a cranky pregnant woman at home and she's hot. >> yes, this happened in riverside county, california. in riverside, it's inland california which is very warm. i bet you she probably said, i'm hot. you need to fix it. but this wasn't the way they were probably supposed to do it. that's my guesstimate. >> this looks like an air conditioners for like an industrial building. >> the owner of the building has offered a $500 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this case. it's heartbreaking to watch anyone battle cancer, but i think it's especially difficult when it's a young person. some folks in ft. lauderdale helped make some young cancer patients feel beautiful and feel special for a day. we got this story from "the
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orlando sentinel." and what you're seeing is some high school-age cancer patients getting fitted for prom dresses. >> what do you think? >> yea! >> aww. >> and this story is especially beautiful because they were given these prom dresses. >> i'm really glad to be part of it, giving the dresses. >> what a wonderful opportunity for them to have some sort of normalcy. >> i cannot believe the quality of the dresses that were donated. >> and there's a very special reason for that. the woman who owns the boutique, her name is zola keller. and along with dress designer mcdougal, she was able to get these dresses in for less than who wholesale. and then a local pharmacy paid for $7500 worth of the cost for these dresses. and then zola keller absorbed the rest of the costs herself. >> so did they get to go to
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their own school's prom? >> it's a special prom for these patients so that they feel at home. >> it's one day that the dresses make you feel prettier and you're surrounded by people who know exactly how you feel. you won't be judged at all. and i've been waiting for it all year and excited and letting people know that i would be there for sure. i just really can't wait. they're off! and he's not staying in his lane. see the drag race with the surprise ending. and this guy is the best at doing this. >> the control that he has over his plane is just insane. >> see insane flying from the best.
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we're seeing big saves in hockey and baseball. how about a great save on the drag track? this is mancha versus boost 12 at the grace raceway in wisconsin. they go head to head. $10,000 pot on the line. watch what happens. oh! whoa! >> whoa! he's not staying in his lane. >> the car gets all out of shape, crosses over the centerline. but he won. he won the race. he manages to save the car from going completely out of control, manages to save it from crashing and rolling over. gets back into his lane and wins the $10,000 pot. >> wait. but he drifted into the other lane. does that, like, violate any rules or anything? >> no. and here's why. >> crossed the centerline behind your opponent, you are not out.
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what i think he did, he saw him in the mirror. >> joey, the guy in the black mustang, saw him cross the line. the guy just blew by. so he made a mistake by throwing down, the guy in the black car. maybe this will be a tactic for future drag racers. they'll start out slow, when he gives up, just gun it. it's kind of one of those track strategies that works once in a while. you guys are familiar with tenacious d, right? >> oh, yeah. >> they have a new video out for their new song, "the roadie." >> you ready to interview a bunch of new roadie positions? you guys are looking for the [ bleep ] best. >> that's danny mcbride. >> you ever work with pyro? >> see this match? >> the whole thing is pretty hilarious. and we can't show a lot of it on our show, so the entire video will be available on our website
3:13 pm this whole thing was a collaboration between danny mcbride and director jody hill. he created eastbound and down. directed observing report. >> i'm the head of mall security. you should do that again and say it right. >> do you think y'all can handle this? >> we have the director via skype right this minute from los angeles, california, jody hill. believe it or not, i actually grew up with jody. this is us in eighth grade. >> are you still in eighth grade? >> how did you end up directing the video? >> i met jack a couple of times. >> that was super intense, right? >> is danny mcbride as inappropriate in person as his characters are? >> he's a nice guy. he's not like kenny powers. >> jumping around like a bunch of child molesters at chuck e. cheese. >> how did you direct this many guys? >> it's easier when you're dealing with people who aren't that funny and you're trying to make them funny. you try to make each other
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laugh. >> tell us how you qaim up with "eastbound and down." >> we were all just hanging out in the kiddie pool. we were trying to come up with show ideas. we thought this one would be -- we pitched it around and it worked. >> you've got a brand-new project coming up. talk about it. >> it's like the "dukes of hazzard" franchise. >> we can't let an old friend go without asking you whether you have any weird or embarrassing stories about beth troutman. >> i kissed beth once. >> hey! >> there it is. >> i tried to slip her the tongue, but her teeth. it was like the berlin wall trying to keep free am dom out. >> at my 13th birthday party. it was my first kiss. you called me sticky teeth. good to see you, jody. tomorrow on "right this minute" -- it is one of the strangest videos we've seen. >> it's spooky.
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this whole thing. imagine trying to live there. >> that's tomorrow on "right this minute." a moving car in a busy intersection and -- >> all of a sudden you see the door open. and a child fall out of the car. >> but what's truly amazing is what the terrified dad does next. and it's prom season. so of course, we've got a makeup tutorial to help you get ready for the big day. but this one's a little different. >> just took a turn here. >> you'll see what we mean a little later. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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♪ kinda. [ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. you do not need to be a mom to be horrified by this video. look at this car. it started moving. all of a sudden you see the door open and a child fall out of the car. fortunately, the cab right behind this car saw the child and stopped before injuring her. the most amazing part is what they are dad does next. >> was he driving the car? >> reports are that the child was in the back seat and found her way to the front, opened the door and accidentally fell out. when he saw this, he let go of the steering wheel. and while he went to reach for her, she kept going. so he did, too.
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and the car did as well. >> parents will do anything to save their children. but he didn't even hit the brake. oh, my gosh. i remember when that happened to me. >> fell out of a car? >> yes. >> as a child in. >> as a child. honey, that was before they had car seats. so that was many years ago. but i just fell right now. >> do we know if the kid's okay? >> the kid is okay, suffered only minor bruises. and the car kept going, but only about ten meters before it hit a tree and stopped. it didn't hit anyone else. if you guys don't know the name kirby chambliss yet, you really should. this guy is amazing. watch what he can do. this is over arizona city, arizona. kirby is a two-time red bull air race world champion. he's basically the best in the business when it comes to aerobatic flying. the guy can do things in an airplane that don't look like you should be able to do.
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kirby started flying when he was 13 years old. he flies backwards, upside down, tilts, twirls, tumbles in every which way you possibly can. it's fantastic. this video is a combination of his talents -- >> whoa! >> -- and cameras. >> the control he has over his plane is insane. >> the plane is an edge 540. he helped develop this plane. it really is an extension of himself. >> coming right at you. this will be a really cool shot, too. i promise i won't hit you. >> oh! >> i promise i won't hit you. kirby has formed a partnership with go pro cameras. so all this cool flying will now be captured in awesome detail with the go pro. he talked to us a little bit about that partnership and how he flies like this, we've got kirby right this minute via
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skype. >> we used to have a $12,000 system and now we can do it for about $800 and do it a lot better. >> what will be able to see? >> in mexico, i've thrown through a building. in china, i've flown through a cave call eed heaven's gate. >> do you feel the g-force anymore? >> i do. had in that airplane, it's capable of plus 12 or minus 12. you do feel it but you get used to it. >> do you deep a dramamine patch behind your ears? >> fortunately, i've hefr in ne any problems with motion sickness. >> so when you fly, do you fly straight? >> i get bored when i fly a plane straight. so here are a bunch of guys running on a college campus.
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what's the story behind this one? >> there's a guy. there's a guy that is running -- >> whoa, was there a guy? >> yes, there's a guy and another guy and see what all these guys are doing next.
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if there's one group of people who like pranks more than i do, it's dudes at firehouses. they love pranking each other. these guys rigged up one of their buddy's lockers over here. rigged it up with a little
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surprise when he opens it up. yeah, that's an air horn. they rigged up an air horn to go off as soon as this guy opens it up. >> he seemed a little suspicious going into his locker. >> i think he was having a conversation, taking his time. >> a lot of times it's thinking about how to mess with the buddies. >> yes. good time, too, because that meaners there erer erers there'. >> that's a good thing, right? >> i hope it means these guys can prank each other more often. all in all, a good prank. >> good laughter, too. >> you've succeeded. >> and when a fireman laughs like a lady, it's a good day for all. it's prom season. prom everywhere. and what do you have to make sure is perfect? >> makeup in a minute. >> i think this person might be a little old for the prom. >> starting off with our foundation, we're going to --
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>> ah! >> this took a turn. >> what is it? [ screaming ] >> obviously, applying your prom makeup is supposed to be a fun, friendly, exciting experience. >> and there is apparently a teradactyl in the background. [ screaming ] >> the finished look. >> we done. >> on his youtube channel, he's known to have very crazy videos that will surprise, amaze or just straight up disgust you. >> or weird you out. >> or weird you out. this is probably one of the weirdest of them all. >> i think he succeeded. >> yep. >> and this has been beauty for your booty.
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>> i'm going to try that for the friday show. guys, if this next video is any clue, i think they're filming a new "indiana jones." and they're shooting it in lawrence, kansas, for some reason. sno ♪ well, of course, we're hearing the "indiana jones" theme. >> where's his whip? it's not "indiana jones" without the whip. >> it's a bunch of college kids running around in their underwear all over campus. it's the second annual "indiana jones" run. they've done this for the past few years. guys from the pierson scholarship hall, they do this. they go all over campus. into the gymnasium. they go all through the school. >> there's a guy, there's a guy, there's a guy. >> wait, was there a guy? >> there's a guy running behind with a boom box. it looks like he's running
3:28 pm
playing the theechme. >> the best part, toward the end, one of the larger fellows, he got a little tired. >> aww. >> he didn't train? >> he was, like, you know what? this has been fun and all, but it's too much running. listen to this. >> and he's right. these natives, they never did catch him in 2012. maybe next year. that's our show for today. thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. have a great rest of your day.
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